This week’s chart highlights

This week’s chart is sponsored by Staples. Well, not really, but maybe it should be as two of the three debuts are by similarly named Chris Stapleton and Mavis Staples. Both have been chart regulars (dare I say it … “staples”?) the past couple of years. Stapleton earns his seventh hit in a little over two years with “Millionaire,” at No. 38. It’s the first hit from “From ‘A’ Room, Vol. 2,” his latest release. Volume one, earlier this year, spun off the No. 1 “Broken Halos” and the Top 5 “Second One to Know.” And Staples returns with her third chart appearance in the past two years, as “No Time for Crying” enters at No. 39. This follows her Top 10 comeback last year on “High Note” and a Top 20 featured role with Arcade Fire on “I Give You Power” earlier this year. This one is from her latest collection, “If All I Was Was Black.”

The non-Staple debut belongs to Fall Out Boy, entering at No. 40 with “Hold Me Tight or Don’t.” It’s the fifth Top 40 hit for the group and the first since “Uma Thurman” went to No. 3 in 2015.

Two superstar women of decades past make news this week. The late Donna Summer has the week’s biggest mover as her remake of Dan Fogelberg’s “Nether Lands” leaps from No. 29 to No. 12. And Pat Benatar earns her first charttopper in almost 30 years as “Dancing Through the Wreckage” moves 2-1. Her last time at the top came in 1988 with “All Fired Up.”



14 responses to “This week’s chart highlights

  1. First off thaks for the mention on Lifehouse’s new song. Second I kinda see what you mean about Foreign catchy songs. Though I can’t get into that Psy song; I have to admit, that I too have a guilty pleasure with a Russian girl band called Serebro(means silver in thier language). Anyway here in Baja Calif. the hit “Mama Lover” is tearing up the airwaves. It’s pure Disco candy and full of 70’s flavour.

  2. Hadda to give a listen to that Scissor Sisters song that you put so high on the list. It’s pretty good. I might catch on to it yet.

  3. Olly Murs does sound like a Maroon 5 carbon copy. and a bad one at that. There should be some kinda copy right thingy against sounding too much like a nother band. I’ll pass on Olly Murs.

  4. yeah succumbing to musical gravity is usually what happens after songs hold on to a number more than I week. Interesting to see what happens.

  5. Woman follow soap operas while I follow the music charts since way back 1980. I was just a little kid, but damn; I enjoy them.

  6. I have to admit that I’m not a very big fan of collaborations. I can think of very few I enjoy. Aerosmith with Run DMC- Walk This Way. Sara Brightman and Paul Stanley, Santana and Chad Croeger, Santana and Rob Thomas, No Doubt with Ric Ocasek on guitar.and of course probly myfav is Lifehouse and Natasha Beddingfield . She also had one with Simple Plan that I enjoyed very much, but I don’t fall prey to collaborations too often. others”Get Lucky” is great.

  7. put the pet shop boys -thursday on the chart.the new pet shop boys new album

  8. Interesting info on Elton John collaborations. The Collective Soul and Nick kershaw entries peak my interest. So the new Elvis Entry isn’t a new song? it’s from 1973? Don’t think I ever heard it before?

  9. thjat’s the problem with pop music nowadays, it all sounds the same. I like the chorus from Brave and the verses melodies from Roar, but I don’t like either song enough to even download them for free. So which came first? the chicken or the egg?

  10. I used to love Del Amitri back in the day. Wonder what happened to them? 90s had some great bands. Live, Barenaked Ladies,Third Eye Blind, Dog’s Eye View, Vertical Horizon, ect..

  11. Coldplay’s “Magic is so much better than “Midnight” which put me to sleep the first time I heard it..

  12. It’s funny how you didn’t go for “Rude” but like “Don’t Kill The “Magic” I also think its a better song. They sound a bit like The Police, don’t they. The vid for DKTM looks like “Wrapped around your Finger” I think they wanna be asociated with the Police?.

  13. Didn’t know you charted “Reason To Live” in 1990. KISS are countdown favs for me. I’ve charted everything they release as well as album tracks. Funny enough the biggest song for me is off Paul Stanley’s 2006 solo album; Live To Win. “Everytime I See You Around” is the name of the song.

  14. Well, said. I also break away from Billboard’s Hot 100 choice singles; which, pretty much; all sound the same or are; unlistenable for their offensive content. Which pretty much describes every rap song on there.

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