This week’s Top 40

For the week of December 30, 2018

TW LW Title — Artist (Wks. on chart)
1. 3 It’s Enough — Lenny Kravitz (17)
2. 4 Happier — Marshmello & Bastille (14)
3. 6 One of Us — Cher (14)
4. 7 Everything — TobyMac (15)
5. 5 No Matter What — Ryan Stevenson featuring Bart Millard (23)
6. 11 Always Remember Us This Way — Lady Gaga (11)
7. 12 Consequences — Camila Cabello (10)
8. 15 A Million Dreams — Pink (9)
9. 16 Someone I Used to Know — The Zac Brown Band (8)
10. 20 Secrets (Light Shine In) — Tenth Avenue North (8)
11. 13 Waving Through a Window — Katy Perry (9)
12. 14 Telling All My Secrets — Mitchell Tenpenny (9)
13. 17 Never Enough — Kelly Clarkson (8)
14. 21 This Is Me (Reimagined Remix) — Keala Settle, Kesha and Missy Elliott (7)
15. 22 Chances — Backstreet Boys (7)
16. 23 Homesick — Kane Brown (8)
17. 24 Lost in Japan (Remix) — Shawn Mendes featuring Zedd (6)
18. 27 Come Alive — Craig David (6)
19. 29 Caution — Mariah Carey (5)
20. 8 Guiding Light — Mumford and Sons (15)
21. 9 Don’t Lie to Me — Barbra Streisand (12)
22. 10 99 Years — Josh Groban and Jennifer Nettles (15)
23. 28 Get Up — Shinedown (6)
24. 30 Heart’s Having a Hard Time — Filmore (3)
25. 18 Dad’s Old Number — Cole Swindell (20)
26. 19 Nina Cried Power — Hozier featuring Mavis Staples (17)
27. 31 Worst Nites — Foster the People (5)
28. 32 Not Today — Alessia Cara (4)
29. 33 Tightrope — Sara Bareilles (4)
30. 34 Back Down — Bob Moses (3)
31. 35 She Remembers Everything — Rosanne Cash (3)
32. 40 Nothing Breaks Like a Heart — Mark Ronson featuring Miley Cyrus (2)
33. NEW Believe (From “Kennedy Center Honors”) — Adam Lambert (1)
34. NEW Why — Dolly Parton featuring Mavis Staples (1)
35. 25 Something Greater — Matthew West (13)
36. 26 80s Baby — New Kids on the Block, Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty by Nature, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson (12)
37. NEW Girl in the Movies — Dolly Parton (1)
38. 38 Shallow — Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (13)
39. 39 Why Her Not Me — Grace Carter (18)
40. NEW Two Doors Down — Dolly Parton featuring Macy Gray and Dorothy (1)

Falling out of the Top 40:
Silent Night (Solo Piano Version) — Aretha Franklin
All I Want for Christmas Is You — Mariah Carey
Neon Church — Tim McGraw
All Tractors Ain’t Green — Jimmie Allen

Testify — Robin Thicke

191 responses to “This week’s Top 40

  1. every week email me when music charts r updated ok.

  2. have blondie new song mother hit the chart ok man

  3. Any chance of doing a top 100 of 2011? This is one of the better charts where songs like “Sad Song” the Cars nade top 10 and rightfully so.

  4. great chart as always. Here is a link to mine at mylastfm.

    So What do you think of Van Halen’s new(old) one? “Tattoo” think you’ll chart it soon? Here is anotherone from a completely different genre. Lana del Rey- Vido Games. Haunting meleody to say the least. Anyway, Love the upward movemnet of the Cras.

    • Hey, Marc. Thanks for the note and compliment. Actually, “Tattoo” isn’t working for me. But then, Van Halen and I have always been hit or miss. (Liked “Why Can’t This Be Love,” “Dance the Night Away,” “Love Walks In.” OK with “Panama.” No fan of “Jump,” “Pretty Woman,” “Hot for Teacher.”) So I’ll probably sit “Tattoo” out and wait for another cut from that album. I’ll give the del Rey track a listen soon, though. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • van halen tattoo should hit top 10 and casting crowns courageous should go to number one for 10 weeks the movie made 34 million and the dvd is flying very high in sale.

    • is billy idol in the top40 this week?

  5. the cranberries has a new album the song tomorrow should the chart

  6. I noticed you have another new All American Rejects song on your chart. I barely got my hands on “Bee Keeper’s Daughter” It’s catchy, but I miss the old stuff like “Move Along” and “Dirty Little Secret”. Is that new song more that style. Also if you have time; listen to “Soon” from the new Cars album. It’s really good too.

  7. the cars-soon/is a very good song i love it and it a big hit let that hit the chart.its hitting my charts maybe in 2 weeks it should be man bring on the hits let me if u have any new hits.

  8. i’m always searching for new artists as well as old ones when they come out with new music. take a listen to Young The Giant, Fountains Of Wayne and Carolina Liar’s new cds. I won’t specify anyone one song. There are plenty good ones to choose from. Let me know what you think?

  9. young the giant song is great i like that one.

  10. put toni braxton and swv and ashanti on the chart.

  11. when r u updating your chart.i love new music.

  12. Looks like U got bit by a Lionel Ritchie bug? I havn’t heard anything from him since the 80’s. Anyway, I Been listening to that band Grafitti6. Thier song is called “Free”. It reminds me a bit of that old motown sound of the 50’s. Remeber Wham had a similiar sound. Anyway, it’s a great song. You might like it? Than of course there is the new one by Daughtry- Outta of My Head. Love that one!

  13. That new Keane song sounds really good. Hope it makes an appearence soon. I’, also kinda liking Carley Rae Jepsen- Call Me maybe. That little synth note is catchy. and from Carolina Liar’s new cd; I like Daddy’s Little Girl. I kinda go from Hard Rock to adult Pop phases here and there.LOL!

  14. Love that new Matchbox 20 song. So what do you think? I hear a bit of a latin beat, much like Van Halen- Dance the Night Away in the chorus.

  15. Great song by the Killers. The new Green Day sounds great too.

  16. Tounge Tied on the rise! Let’s take it to number one

  17. let’s take the beach boys to number 1

  18. no doubt is great let’s get that to make a bigger move up the charts and green day.

  19. Snow Patrol have a potential top 10 song called “In The End” Give it a try.

  20. Group Love make the biggest leap. WOW! My pick of the week goes to Night Ranger; frontman, Jack Blades. He has a new solo album out with a great track called “The Hardest Word To Say” If you like the 80’s Power ballad style with a little hint of Daughtry’s style; then give it a listen.

  21. before I forget; Another great song I listened to just last night is a collaboration with Lifehouse and Natasha Bedingfield. It’s called “Between The Raindrops With You” Has a sort of Country Western feel, but still very Lifehouse- like. Probly my favourite song of the moment, next to Aerosmith- “What Could Have Been Love”.

  22. lifehouse and aerosmith rule bigtime they rock let them both hit the charts.

  23. Your chart always has Nice variety of 80, 90 and 2000 artists and couple of my picks too.. My new Pick of the week is from Of Monsters and Men. Can’t recall if you charted “Little Talks” anyway, I think “Mountain Sound” is even better.

  24. I usually leave positive comments on your site, but I gotta ask what do you find attractive about that Gangnam Style song? Just curious , because its hardly something I would concider the style of music I find on this chart. BTW, my pick of the week goes to the female fronted group; ZZ Ward for the incredibly catchy “Put the Gun Down” have a good week end.

  25. Ahh.. I’ll be sure to checkout the week’s highlights from now on. Nice to see Lifehouse on the rise.

  26. Ha! you beat me to the Rolling Stones new song. Just heard it yesterday. Hope it has a good chart run.

  27. Digging on Prince’s new single. “Rock N Roll Love Affair”. It’s so 80s!

  28. prince must hit the countdown and go to number 1 he’s the bomb

  29. Cool! Lifehouse just one away from number 1. Greenday have an amazing Rock Ballad called “The Forgotten”. It’s from that Twilight vampire movie series, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s really one of thier best works ever.

  30. green day put it on the chart and put prince on the chart too

  31. Lifehouse at number one was bound to happen.Good deal. More into Spanish Rock this week and the new Aerosmith album.

  32. I swear Locked Out Of Heaven sounds so 80’s with it’s Police sound and all. This week I’m stuck on a female fronted band; Einsteinbarbie(love the name) they are European and have a heavy 70’s Psychedelic rock vibe sounding a lot like a Heart, Aerosmith and the Hives. Thier new song;”Petty Ca$h”, isn’t your everyday Rock n Roll tune.

  33. Go Jack Blades. The little song that could. My pick is Train- “Mermaid”

  34. You should checkout Bon Jovi’s new song. “Because We Can” That’s my week’s pick hit.

  35. I’m already listening to Prince’s new song; “Screw Driver” it has a heavy Lenny Kravitz vibe. If you like Lenny, then check it out.

  36. I’m glad the chart bound is back. Listening to Goo Goo Dolls- Rebel Beat. Great song!

  37. R U A Madness Fan? Found thier new song. It’s different from the Madness of the 80’s. They sound more mature, but that’s a good thing IMOP. it’s my pick of the week. Left you the link so you can check it out. tell me what you think?

  38. Indi alternative dance from a group Swiss Lips sounds pretty good to me this week. “Something In The Water” is the track’s name.

  39. I hadda post this. Believe it or not, I started to heavily play that song by Imagine Dragons this week. It ‘s top 10 in most adult rock lists, I guess you could say, we caught on late to it. Great song isnt it?

  40. Not much new stuff this week, but I came across a duet from last Christmas. It’s ; belive it or not, y Olivia Newton- John and John Travolta. Havn’t heard these two together since “Twist Of Fate”. Anyway, it’s a cute Country/Rock -a Billy-ish song called. “I Think You Might Like It”. I did.

  41. I’m really getting into the uptempo Indi Alternate Rock style. This week I found Atlas Genious. The song “Trojans” is really catchy. It even had a bit of dance vibe to it. Kind of like Swiss Lips.

  42. Been listening to the Muse- “Madness” It’s all over the radio. At times certain parts of the song remeind me of Queen. Good song. You could say I’m discovering it a little late, but it’s worth a shot.

  43. I see you have that Christina Aguilarea /Pitbull song; “Feel THis Moment” on your chart. It’s not a bad song. I like how they sampled “Take On Me” from A-ha, but I can’t stand the Pitbull shoutouts and rapping. I think the song would have been better with just Christina singing. However there is another song sampleing A-ha. It’s “One Way Trigger” by the Strokes withour Pitbull, so that’s my pick of the week.

  44. Wow! Strange list. Songs 36-26-only move up one spot, while songs 25- 1 hold thier position from last week. Is it getting a bit crowded on the list? This week I’m listening to Hinder’s “Welcome To The Freeaksow” They are usually known for thier 80’s influenced hard rock style, but they have a few Pop Rock songs in thier too. I’m liking “Shulda Known Better” a lot.

  45. This is why I love this list so much. Unpredictability. Nice comeback from the motionless list of last week. I really admire the 80’s artists comebacks. Makes me feel like a kid again. This week; I’m really likeing the new Belinda Carlisle song, “Sun”. I think it could easily go up against some of the more poppier songs of today.

  46. Marc anthony

    Thanks for introducing me to the Shout Outs- Walking In Your Footsteps. great song! This week I’m listening to Tegan & Sara- Closer. Has an indi Pop rock sound to it. catchy chorus.

  47. Found this group Semi Precious Weapons on youtube. The song is “Aviation High” has a modern feel to it, but not too pop sounding. Funny thing is there prevuious songs were glam. Anyway, this is my pick hit of the week.

  48. more rod stewart music on the charts please hot rod stewart rocks

  49. more belinda carlisle music she so hot that song sun is great put that on the chart

  50. I actually previewed both Rod Stewart’s and Fitz & Tantrums cds this week. Rod has some really great songs and Fitz and co. have much better ones on the disc besides “Out Of My League”. Checkout “6 a.m.” has a definate Hall & Oates vibe. Hope its the next single? Good call on “Little Numbers” – Boy. You beat me to it.

  51. Not much caught my ear this week. I think the new New Kids On The Block song is pretty interesting. They break away from the typical top 40 sounds of today. I like that. The song is called The Remix”I like It” and is sung primarely by Donnie Wahlberg. My other picks are mostly hard rock.

  52. My pickhits of the weeks are allready in your top 10, so I came late to the party, but I love the new Bruno Mars song, Treasure with its groovy 70s sound. Also listening heavy to Marina and the Diamonds- How To Be a Heartbreaker. It’s been on your list for weeks, but I barely gave it a shot last week. Good list.

  53. Been listening mostly to 80s this weeks, but funny thing is I discovered that OMD; mostly known for thier hits “If You Leave” and “Secret” have a new cd out. Mostly 80’s flavour. First single ;”Dresden” has heavy synth pop vibes; which I’m very confortable with. My other picks include The Postal Service- A Tattered Line Of Stringand The Heartbreaks- Hand On Heart. Both with adult pop crossover feel.

  54. Once in a whle a song comes out that really rubs me the wrong way. This week it would have to be the “Cruise” song. To be honest I barely heard it cuz I saw it swoom up your chart. I don’t know, but if there intention was to come up with a country song that has Hip Hop rapp feel to it, then ,No thanks.Definatley not my cup of tea. Speaking of “Cups” I’m actually gertting into the Anna kendrick song of the same name. Cimorelli ; the 5 sisters YOutube cover band do a pretty nice cover of that song too.

  55. Marc: You’ll see one of your recent chart picks enter the countdown this week. Thanks for the tip.

  56. I see it! I love 6 A.M.. I think it’s even better than “Out Of My League”. This week I stunbled ontoAdam Ant’s new cd. “Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter”. That’s the actual name. The first cut; “Cool Zombie” has a really cool bluesy feel with a bit of the adam ant style. That’s my week’s pic hit.

  57. Last year I discovered the band Capital Cities with thier song”Kangaroo Court” Now I see thier first single”Safe & Sound” all over the charts. That’s a good song, but I still like Kangaroo Court better. Both have that 80s feel. This week I’m listening to The Original 7ven. You know them better as THe TIME. Only Prince won’t let then use the name of copyright reasons. The songs is called “Trendin” and it has all the Morris Day charimsa you could ask for.

  58. I’m not into hip hop at all,There is one song on the charts that I do feel. and that’s Austin Mahone” What About Love”. Youngsters don’t realize, but that song is more closest to 80-90’s Freestyle, than any hip hop. It doesn’t even feature rapping. Great song. reminds me a little of Bobby Brown and Will Smith. That’ my Pick hot this week.

  59. Digging on a few songs in your top 10. There is no doubt about it. I’m choosing Franz Ferdinand- “Right Action” as my pick hit. Great indie Pop Rock sound.

  60. I have a few picks this week , but the one that 100% caught my attention and also features a video which shows the band having the most fun ever is without a doubt, the new single; from European Pop band, Alphabeat. The song “Vacation”. had me literally dancing around in my room. How radio doesn’t pick this one up is beyond me.

  61. BTW, besides you & I; this is the link to the only other chart that showcases the new Fitz & the Tantrums song.
    It usually consists of Alt and Indie pop and Rock. Thought you might find that interesting?

  62. A late commer to my chart is Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise. Only I prefer the original version. Aside from the fact that I’m not a Nelly fan ; is the fact that the original version features a really great sounding banjo that is otherwise drowned out in the remix version. The song really has a great Country Rock vibe. Also check out “Round Here” froj Florida Giorgia Line. I think it’s thier next single?

  63. TMy song of the week is no doubt Goo Goo Dolls- Come To Me. Some other Indie Pop sound songs on my player this week include- Small Pools- Dreaming, Grouplove- Way To Go and Tegan & Sara- Closer.

  64. My song of the week comes from Walk Off The Earth. It’s called “Gang Of Rhythm”. If you enjoyed thier previous songs, then most likely debut this one soon.

  65. I see you debuted “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey. Great song. Once again, I prefer the original version to that Dance pop radio mix. I think that beat totally ruins the meloncholic atmosphere of the original and her vocals don’t go with that style very well. Not too may new songs out there, but if I had to choose; it would be “Not Ready to Say Goodbye” by the Babys. No John Waite, but still a good retro feeling song.

  66. yeah! keep pushing Fitz & the Tantrums to the top. Funny thing is ,Radio is barely starting to pick up “Out Of My League”, My song this week; without a doubt is, Paul McCartney- “New”. The man knows how to make a great feeling pop song.

  67. Tegan & Sara is hitbound. That was one of my picks weks ago. Glad you are starting to like it. This week my pick is Daughtry’s new song. “Waiting For Superman” great song!

  68. daughtry must hit the charts great music.

  69. elvis must hit number 1 king of the music charts

  70. Fitz and the Tantrums at number one! This is why I return to this chart every week. Daughtry and Paul McCartney on the rise. This week I previewed the new Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. “Any Weather” and “Make It Back” Got that Ramones vibe to them. Cool 80’s feel too.

  71. this week I’m listening to a new song from Swiss Lips called “Carolyn” The video resembles a video game and the song is catchy as hell.

  72. I’ve allways enjoyed Switchfoot, so I decided to give thier new song a listen. It’s called “Who We Are”. Has an adult rock sound with a bit of Radio Pop Freindly vibe to it. The chorus backup is a new touch, but works well.A good song.

  73. My three favourite new songs all side by side. Daughtry, Killers and Paul Mc Cartney. My song for the week is the Collaboration of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. Powerful Rock ballad called “Let Me Go”

  74. You beat me to John Newman. Great song! Back to mono seems to be the 2013 slogan. I’ll choose Bastille- Pompeii. Check that one out on your spare time.

  75. havn’t posted in a while, but I’ve been following your list weekly. Been listening to alot of Indie Rock andpop. This week I’ll point out a few that I like. “the Walker” Fitz & the Tantrums, the new U2- “Ordinary Love”, from the Nelson Mandella biotopic film. and my fav from a band Mcfly. “Love Is On The Radio” Just an all around feel-good song. How radio hasn’t picked it up is beyond me..

    • Hi, Marc. Thanks for the suggestions — you’ll see I picked up this week on U2 and McFly. Strangely enough, “The Walker” isn’t doing anything for me, despite my enjoying “Out of My League” and “6 a.m.” I’ll see whether there’s another track from “More Than Just a Dream” that I like more.

  76. I’m glad you like my suggestions. I’m still trying to decipher your musical style, but I can see you like a little bit of all styles. A couple of late commers to my player are 3 songs that are real popular on adult radio. I also havn’t seen them on your charts yet. Lorde- Royals, The Neighbourhood- Sweater Weather and American Authors- Best Day Of My Life. The third one is my favourite of the three.

  77. Merry Go Round is actually one of the best tracks on the new Fitz & the Tantrums cd. I’ve recently only discovered Demi Lovato older material. She has a great Pop rock sound reminding me of Kelly Clarkson.She has a new song called “Neon Lights” which has no rapping and no Pitbull. It just showcases her awesome vocals, so that’s my pick for the week. That one and Arcade Fire- “Reflektor”. . It sounds very different from anything else on the radio and David Bowie cameo vocals.

  78. I predict John Newman will be number one next week. This week my pick is a pop song from Demi Lovato. “Neon Lights”. I don’t usually go for dance songs, but she has really strong vocals reminding me of kelly Clarkson; which makes the song sound really good and powerful.

  79. shake by mercyme should hit number 1.shake top of the chart.there earth is moving.

  80. I checked out that band Parade Of Lights, because the name sounded indie. I like them, but I like “We Are The Kids” for my pick. My second choice is from one of my favourite bands; Daughtry. The new single “Long Live Rock n Roll” is A perfect Anthem for Rockers. mentions all the great rock acts of the past..

  81. “Can’t Remeber to Forget You” is a good song, but I can’t stand Rihanna, so I choose the Spanish version “Nunca Me Acuerdo De Olvidarte” with only Shakira vocals. I also choose Neon Trees- “Sleeping With A friend” Nice throwback to the 80’s and already my favourite new song of the year.

  82. Still on my Demi Lovato high. This week my pick is a cover of her doing a Rihanna song that I never cared for untill I heard Demi singing it. Her vocals take it to an epic level. Demi Lovato – Stay(Rihanna cover)

  83. McFly at number one. Nice to see other number ones on the pop charts besides “Dark Horse” and “Timber”. Great new song from a band called The 1975- “Chocolate” Nice way to mask the theme of your song when its about Mary-Jane. They sorta remind me of Third Eye Blind style for some reason.

  84. Surprised to see Paramore’s new song on your chart, since you completely skipped oever “Still Into You” and “Stay The Night”; which feat. Haley Williams vocals. “Ain’t It Fun” is a great song and its nice to see it make a chart appearance. My week’s picks are mostly hard rock; which aren’t your cup o tea, but I will choose one from D.J. Cassidy feat Robin Thick and Jessie J. on vocals. It has a cool 70’s disco feel..”Calling All Hearts”

  85. The new song from Walk Off The earth sounds really fun. “Shake”

  86. So glad to see Bad Suns in your top 10 and Fitz and the Tantrums even closer to number one. This week I like an Indie band called Magic Man- “Paris”. I’m not too crazee about the new Prince song. His vocals are a bit too hyped up.Another great one is James Arthur- “Get Down”. It has a John Newman feel to it.

  87. Whatever you do don’t debut #SELFIE by the Chainsmokers, on your chart. I don’t know how people can even concider that a song? Its 100x worse than even Gangnam Style. Do take George Michael to number 1. It’s a pitty the U.S music industry will probpobly not even recognize such a classy song.

  88. 3 songs that I’m digging this week include. Beware Of Darkness- “All Who Remain”, Black Keys- “Fever “and Cage The Elephant- “Come A Little Closer” They all have a Indie R0ck with a touch of Psychadelic rock sound to them as well.

  89. Nice list this week. Quite a few of the songs I like make an appearance. It took me a few weeks, but I’m starting to all of the sudden love Coldplay’s “Magic” I I especially enjoy the falsetto he uses in the middle. Rixton isn’t all too bad, but a bit too much sounding like Maroon 5. Instead I choose a group Helloegoodbye- “Everything Is Detachable”. Uptempo indie alt pop.

  90. Sorry the song is “Everything Is Debatable” not Detachable. and the name is Hellogoodbye.

  91. Wow! Hellogoodbye on the list.This weeks is a really good list. Anyway, after the mega success of John Newman, I decided to look up more of his songs. Already top 10 in U.K. is “Losing Sleep” That’s the sound I wish more pop songs would sound like.

  92. Funny how you are barelt getting into “Aviation High”. I recommended that one about a year ago around May 11th if you checkout the previous posts? So did you listen to it back then or are you just getting the taste of it on radio? just curious/ BTW, my pick is from Charli XCX. It’s called “Boom Clap”

  93. Well, to be on the fair side: I myself found myself really getting into Echosmith- “Cool Kids” this week after seeing it debut high on alt/radio report charts.. A song you have allready taken to the top 10 around the time I was into “Aviation High”. Imagine that?LOL!.

  94. Loving three songs in your top 10. ,but I love amny on your list this week too. George Michael is one step away from top 10. Today I’m choosing a former X factor winner. James- Arthur- “Get Down” as my weekly pick of the week.

  95. I predict either George Michael or Neon Trees at number one in the comming weeks. If it was 1987; George would be at number one on Billboard instead of John Legend. Rixton is allright. Sounds too much like Maroon 5. My pickhit is your chartbound Michael Jackson/Timberlake collab. I just hope its actually Michael and not that same guy who sang some of the songs on Michael’s previous posthumous cd. Jason Malachi..Good list.

  96. my pick hit this week is Demi Lovato- “Really Don’t Care”. Flew to Mexico just to see her in concert, so you could say I’m a fan. I’m also liking Shakira- “Empire” and Lorde- “Team”. So it’s a female artist music fest for me this week. Also I’m predicting Paramore at number one by next week.

  97. I think you dropped Better than Ezra a bit early, but other than it’s a great looking list. In Particular, the top 3. I don’t really get into country, but Rascal Flats have a new song, which I think could cross over to adult pop rock charts. It’s called “Reverse” It’s climbing billboard as well, so that’s my pick hit this week.

  98. ha! Both of us have Neon trees at number 1 this week. I still hope george Michael get up there too.My pickhit is Demi Lovato’s new song; “Really Don’t Care” feat Cher Lloyd.and For an Indie pick checkout, Nightmare and the Cat- “Undercover”. It like 80s,90s and 2014 all rolled into one.

  99. New Indie pop rock from a band DWNTWN caught my ear this week on youtube.”Til Tomorrow” is the song’s name. It’s kinda along the style of Echosmith- Cool Kids; which I am now giving heavy playback too. For hard Rock, I choose Heaven’s Basement’s “Filthy Empire” album. They remind me of Skid Row and GNR. good mid 80’s Glam metal.

  100. George Michael number one. Way to go!! Going for a new band this week. SomeKindaWonderful- “Reverse”. It’s the kinda song you might here in a Quentin Tarrantino movie..

  101. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers have a new album with demos and a couple of new songs. “You Get Me High” and “American Dream Plan B”. I’m a big Tom Petty fan.

  102. Wolf Gang had one of my biggest songs for 2012 with “All The Kings Men”, so I’m liking thier new song just as well. “Black River”. has an Indie Pop sound.

  103. Train has always been one of my favs. Thier new song “Angel In Blue Jeans” reminds me bit of the style of Lifehouse “Between The Raindrops” You might like it?

  104. A very Billy idol-ish song by the band; Mando Diao is my pick hit. It’s called “Black Satuday”, but could have been “White Wedding” part 2. Also heard this new group called Panama Wedding- “All of the People”. It’s full of Indie pop vibes. I’ll check out Weird “Al”‘s new songs, since I was a big fan in the 80’s. “Hey Ricky” was my fav.

  105. how about chicago new song now

  106. Weezer – “Back To The Shack” is making waves all over. Produced by Ric Ocesek is is the rest of the new Weezer album. Tis should be fun.

  107. put chicago now on the chart

  108. Neon Trees – “Text Me In The Morning” is starting to grow on me. For a pop pick, I go to Canada. Chromeo- Jealous(I Ain;t With It) infectiuosly catchy!

  109. The 1975 have another hit on thier hands. “Girls” the vid pays a bit of homage to Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love”

  110. Fitz & the Tantrums’s latest single is “Fool’s Gold”. Another great song that is very remenicent of the Hall & Oates 80s era.

  111. Ur Kinda getting a late start on Capital Cities”One Minute More”. I think they are ready to releease “I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo” as the next single?. Neon Trees are releasing singles like hot cakes. “First Things First” is a great song too!

  112. Surprised to see Nickelback on your list? I didn’t even mention there new song, cuz I hardly see the harder rock songs in your chart, but yeah, Great song! I love It! They actually got one ready to release to pop charts called “What Are You Waiting For?” I gotta say, so far it sounds just OK to me. A bit different for thier style, but great chorus.

  113. My indie song of the week is by a new indie band called Mister Waves. “Reflections” is the song. Moving up on alt charts and has some really original female vocals. Not exactly the type you would hear on Alt music. Thier style is Echosmith-like

  114. going for Billy idol’s new song this week. “can’t Break Me Down” very 80s. My indie pick is from the band Panama Wedding – All The People. Nice uptempo beat.

  115. Just heard the brand new single from new Romantic band;Spandau Ballet. It’s called “This Is The Love” Great song!! Left a link.

  116. My pick hit is the New York based Misterwives “Reflections” One of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

  117. there is way too much crap on the radio. Listening to some real talent from Olly Murrs – Up feat Demi Lovato. Now that’s a song.

  118. Nice to see a song from The Art Of McCartney in your chart. I; myself like Cheap Trick’s cover of “jet” and Def Leppard’s cover of “Helen Wheels”. The whole album is actuially pretty great!

  119. Really not liking the new Madonna material. She sounds so different. Trying to be Lady Gaga. It’s not her fault. Its what pop music has turned into. If it wasn’t for the Indie synth Pop or Alternative rock; there wouldn’t be anything new I’d really be interested in. BTW, Kelly Clarkson’s new “Heartbeat Song” is really good..

  120. See you got Izzy Hale at #2. me: I’m digging on her hard Rock band ;Halestorm, and thier new hit, “Apocalyptic”. Also really into 80s influenced ;Sanit Motel and thier very INXS-like song, “My Type” Great song!

  121. I’ve never cared for Rihanna nor Kanye West’s dumb antics, but ,their new song is half bad. It has a cool soul feel to it. At least they are staying away from that played out EDM.

  122. when the chart beening posted for feb.15,2015

  123. my pick of the week goes to the band; Smallpools “Karaoke”. Graet upbeat indie rock.

  124. So I found a song off Madonna’s album; I actually like. “Living For Love”; which is the curnt single, so I guess they chose the right song to promote the album.

  125. 80s icons; Simple Minds” have released a new album. “Big Music” is aptly the title of their latest material. My choice single is the song “Human” . Has a lot of “Don’t You(forget About Me)” in it.

  126. Great to see Brandon Flowers with his new song on ur chart. It’s very 80s in its sound. Post 1985 Duran Duran/Arcadia. John Taylor’s “i Do What I Do” has very similiar drum patterns too. If you like this one u should checkout Muse – “Dead Inside”.

  127. havn’t Charted Lifehouse, since, “B,etween The Raindrops”, but their new track brings back their 2000s sound. “Hurricane” Coulda been “Hanging By A Moment part 2”

  128. The Brand New Spandau ballet song; “Lose” is on my most played chart this week. Classic 80s feel all over again.

  129. Sorry, but the Spandau Ballet song is actually titled “Steal”. Soory for misinformation.

  130. Sometimes u way ahead of me. I just listened to “Aquaman”. Perfect 80s vibe. Little bit of Toto, Peter Gabriel and Lionell Ritchie.

  131. Not much to report this week, except the new Third Eye Blind song; “Everything Is Easy” They were one of my fav groups of the 90s, so this is easily a hit for me.

  132. If you like the 80s vibe; listen to Brandon Flowers new songs. “Lonely Town” and “I Can Change”

  133. One of my favourite new songs is the new one from HURTS- “Some Kin Of Heaven” Really addicting.

  134. Modest Mouse – “The Ground walks With Time In A Box”. Really different from anything on the alternative radio stations now.

  135. Atlas Genius – “Molecules” That’s my song!

  136. great #1 song!

  137. Def Leppard is back “Let’s Go”

  138. Nice to see Collective Soul back on the charts. I’m charting The 1975’s new song, “Love Me” Very 80s. Video and vibe of the song.

  139. bryan adams and elton john have new music put them on the chart i love collective soul there great.

    • Elton has been on for a bit with “Looking Up.” We’ll see whether he has a follow-up coming down the line. Haven’t heard anything I’ve liked from the new Bryan Adams release, but I’ll give it another listen.

  140. The Struts – Kiss This. It has a great Queen glam rock like groove.

  141. The new Bryan Adams album is great. I big Jeff Lynne fan should dig it too. “You Belong To Me’ Has a Traveling Wilburys vibe to it. Currently charting it myself.

  142. Glad to to see Pop ETC on your chartbound, ” “What Am I Becoming” is great,but You missed out on “Running In Circles” their first single.

  143. why hasn’t the monkes not on you charts that song you bring the summer.roxette some other summer

  144. Nice to see Bon Jovi’s and Sting;s new singles on your chartbound section. Hope they get actual chart action soon.

  145. I’m just glad you Halestorm’s cover of Whitesnke’s hit on there.

  146. will new kids on the block and celine dion hit your chart this week.

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